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You’re getting closer to the blog of your dreams! Please follow the steps on this page carefully. 

Fill out everything as completely as you can. As soon as we receive all of your information, we can get started on your blog. 


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step one - customizing

Choose Five Options from the Following Customization Choices


  • Change your font style
  • Add/change an accent color (such as color of your titles or front page font color)
  • Change the background color of your site
  • Choose 2 additional premium images
  • Change the front page to your latest posts instead of the current theme design


  • Set up your menu – up to four items​
  • Set up your categories – up to four items
  • Change 3 font sizes (paragraph, headers, menu font etc.)
  • Add an additional page to the blog with dummy text as a placeholder (Contact – Resources – About etc.)

step two - images

Choose Seven Images Using the Number Listed for Each Photo

Step three - Contact & Information Form

Please fill out this form completely and promptly. Every field is required. 

If you need to email your logo image or extra information regarding customizations, please send them to: