How to skip the 7 most discouraging time-wasters when starting a profitable blog business!

Discouragement is the enemy of getting started and moving forward with your goals. 

We replace discouragement with confidence!

Five Minute Blog is here to support the blog business of your dreams by providing:

  • A stunning blog that’s ready for you in under a week so you don’t lose momentum, which means you’ll finally realize your dream of working for yourself.
  • A video tutorial so you’ll know exactly where to add your content, which means you can concentrate on growing your audience faster!
  • A premium theme and images so you won’t have to worry with theme hackers or image copyright issues.
  • Your own unique customized front page that will WOW your readers, which means they will stick around longer … and Google loves that! 

7 huge roadblocks for all new bloggers

Eliminate these challenges and get started sooner!

  • We help with hosting and which one to go with.
  • You won’t have to figure out how to link your domain name with your host.
  • We eliminate hours of theme choice confusion by giving you 3 premium designs and customizing them for you.
  • No more staring at a blank front page that looks nothing like the theme you bought.
  • We’ll launch your blog so you don’t have to figure that part out.
  • You’ll know exactly where to write your posts with our instructional video.
  • We eliminate beginner’s overwhelm so you’ll succeed in getting a blog up and running.

undeniable advantages of a blog that's done for you!

  • A ready-made blog puts you weeks ahead in the money-making process! 
  • Instead of spending time on an enormous learning curve, you can work on blog posts and monetizing strategies.
  • Eliminate the worry of never getting your blog biz off the ground because you got stuck in the first few steps … even if this has happened to you before, it won’t this time!
  • We get you up and running with a gorgeous blog that’s ready for your amazing content … no setup hassles at all.

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ready made websites - lifestyle blog mockup

The Lifestyle Blog will knock your socks off! This design is our top seller.

Whether you’re looking to start an all-purpose blog, wedding, travel blog … or anything in between, this design will certainly “Wow” your readers!

The chic Black & White Blog is a definite show-stopper! It’s perfect for any niche, and you’ll have plenty of customizing options to make it your own! 

The Versatile Blog is wonderful for hobby bloggers and beginners alike. 

It includes premium images and customization choices — for a blog that’s truly yours!